Veterans are outraged after special plaques, meant to pay tribute to those who fought for our country, were stolen from Q'emiln Park in Post Falls.

"What a sad day when someone has to go so low, and desecrate a veterans memorial, how sad," Post Falls Mayor Clay Larkin said.

For 12 years veterans have had a place just for them, a corner of Q'emiln Park dedicated to their service and sacrifice. But now, that gathering place has been desecrated.

"Dumbfounded. Why did someone do this? We are talking about veterans,"Larkin said.

Sometime last week five military plaques, each representing a different branch of the military, were stolen from the park. The theft has the local veteran community up in arms.

"I was shocked, I really was," veteran Len Crosby said. "It's a beautiful memorial and to have it vandalized in that manner is truly heartbreaking."

"It's a shame that people are so desperate to make a few bucks, that they have to desecrate something for veterans," veteran Larry Carstensen said.

Mayor Larkin is determined to catch the crooks who did this. Post Falls Police detectives are reviewing surveillance footage from the park and have made this a top priority case.

Police say metal thefts have actually dropped in the last six months, and they believe the emblems are aluminum, valued at less than $300 each.

"We are disappointed, we are down, but we are not beaten," Larkin said.

With Veteran's Day nearing, Larkin wants this special spot restored to the veterans of the community who served our country with honor.

"We will fix this, we will get it done and put it back," he said.

If you know anything about the incident or who's responsible, you're urged to call the Post Falls Police Department.