If you want to drop your boat in to Lake Coeur d'Alene this summer, you might have a tough time finding a boat launch. One of the busiest launches will close because of the construction on McEuen Field.

The Third Street boat launch will close from June 1 until September 30. 

While nearby businesses are battling construction at McEuen Field, boaters and boat delivering companies are battling time.

Steve from The Tobler Marina says he's constantly filling client requests in preparation for the summer.

"I deliver anywhere between 3-6 times a day," he said.

Steve uses the 3rd Street ramp because it's the easiest. Wednesday, he docked Brian Simpson's Chapparal speedboat.

"(The launch) is centrally located, everybody that docks around here, they're out from here," Steve said.

In a month, he won't be able to deliver other customers boats here. The city is temporarily closing the launch because construction workers will need the area as they improve the west end of McEuen Field.

Boaters and deliverers like Steve will have to launch at other points on the lake like Blackwell Island.

"Blackwell doesn't open until late in the season, we're already at full force," he said.

They can also go about five miles south to Higgins Point.

"Higgins Point is just not the greatest ramp. It's too steep and it's busy with a whole bunch of sportsmen out there," Steve said.

Steve said it may hurt the business a little, but they'll still deliver boats at the other ramps. The McEuen Field project is expected to be completed by May 2014.