SPOKANE, Wash. -

Day two of the search for a Coeur d'Alene woman along the Spokane River is over, and still no sign of Joan Gundlach. 

Post Falls Police are calling this a unique situation as they look for Gundlach, 70. Her car was last seen at Q'emiln Park around 11 a.m. Tuesday. Her family members found some of her belongings down river from where her car was found Wednesday.

Investigators say Joan may have gone over the dam near the park, and on Thursday morning, Avista closed the flood doors on the south channel of the river to lower and calm the water. That gave search and rescue crews better visibility, and made it easier for a NorthWest Medstar helicopter to fly the length of the river, looking for some sign of her. 

"We feel we've really combed this third channel to the point we're satisfied with, and I think now we'll push this search downstream," Post Falls Police Captain Pat Knight said.

Police first called Joan's disappearance suspicious, but now say it's unique. When police told her husband they found her car Tuesday night, the husband said he found a suicide note earlier, went to the park, saw the car, and went home. 

He told KXLY he didn't report Joan missing because he was in shock.

"At this time we really don't know what we have. We have a missing person for sure. Is it unique? Absolutely. We treat every case as the most serious offense, or a homicide if you will, until we can prove differently," Capt. Knight said.

"This investigation will continue to be open, and we'll continue to investigate until we locate Joan," he added.

Knight said he's unsure if the search will resume along the river Friday.