ST. MARIES, Idaho -

The town of St. Maries is on cougar watch after one was spotted near Heyburn Elementary School Tuesday.

Students were kept inside all day, even during recess as a precaution. The St. Maries School District is also not allowing students to walk home without a parent.

"I'm not going to risk it," Debbie Webb said.

Webb chose to keep her 1st grader home, even though she lives across the street. She hasn't left her house since the sighting.

"I just don't feel comfortable sending (my daughter) down there. I could have walked her down this morning, I just did not feel right about it," she said.

Students are also heavily supervised when walking to their buses. Outdoor activities have been canceled or moved.

Idaho Fish and Game officers have been searching for the cougar, but were unsuccessful.

Some people in town aren't worried at all, saying wildlife constantly roam the streets.

"I'm not nervous, it's just a fact of life. They come down from those hills," Denise Gauthier said.

The school district isn't taking any chances by asking all school employees to keep watch and continue protecting the kids.

Debbie Webb worries it's still not enough, saying another cougar was spotted around town two weeks ago.

"I think they just need to cancel school and get hound hunters on this cat because it's way too comfortable around people," Webb said.

The superintendent says he'll continue to keep kids inside during school until further notice.