There's no shortage of spooky activities leading up to Halloween, including one you might not have heard about, the Tunnel of Terror in Rathdrum, which might be one of the Inland Northwest's best kept secrets when it comes to Halloween fun.

What started as a Halloween party in the backyard for the grandkids has evolved into a professional haunted attraction with new features each year, close to thirty actors and over 600 feet of scary good times.

Ruth Maryott starts working on the Tunnel of Terror months before October 1. It's a labor of love; Ruth and her family love to see the smiling faces and hear a scream or two here and there.

She's able to put on such a great show because of the help and hard work of family and friends. It depends on the night but the tunnel usually has at least 20 volunteer actors working and hiding in every corner.

It's been eleven Halloweens since the first Tunnel of Terror in Rathdrum and Ruth still remembers how special that first year was.

"My husband built a tunnel in the backyard with some PVC pipe and black plastic. It was 32 feet long and the kids loved it so much and their friends liked it and the next year they wanted more so we just kept building and building until finally we ended up with 660 feet," she said.

One of the best things about the Tunnel of Terror is that it's affordable to bring the whole family. Kids under six are free, ages six to eleven are just $3, 12 and up only pay $5.

The Tunnel of Terror is open every Friday and Saturday from 7 to 10 p.m. until November 2. It is located at 7980 West Diagonal Road off Highway 41.