A plea deal has been reached with a Post Falls couple charged with injuring three-year-old Karina Moore, who died in 2009 from blunt force trauma.

The case against Jeremy and Amber Clark was set to go to trial in a month but a plea agreement in the case was reached Wednesday.

The Clarks agreed to an Alford plea of perjury. Other more serious charges, including felony injury to a child and concealing evidence of child abuse, were dropped.

The couple was indicted by a grand jury in 2011 on charges they abused two foster children, including Moore.

When Moore died in 2009 her death was ruled as a homicide. The Clarks said the girl fell down a flight of stairs.

The Kootenai County prosecutor won't say exactly why a plea agreement was made, but did say that a ruling on several motions, including admissible evidence, was made last week and that played a part in reaching the plea.

Karina Moore's mother, Samantha said she is outraged by the plea agreement, that it is anything but justice for her little girl. She has filed a civil case against the state.

The perjury charge stems from statements the Clarks made about how Karina was injured and they face up to 14 years in prison when they are sentenced in November.