A disabled Coeur d'Alene man received quite the shock when two men broke into his home taking two safes, one right out of his bedroom early Sunday morning in the 900 block of N. 16 Avenue.

The first thing Marla Ross noticed when she got home was a big truck in the driveway; it wasn't until she saw a man putting on a mask that she realized something wasn't right.

"Pulled up a mask over his face and he walked around the car to me and told me get out of the way or I was going to get hurt," Marla Ross, who lives at the home with her father, said.

When Ross did that the man jumped in her car and drove off and the truck followed right behind.

"My thoughts are with my dad though at that time because I had a feeling they were probably after his safes," Marla said.

Marla's dad, Jack Ross, is confined to a wheelchair. One safe was in his computer room while the other is in his bedroom. He was asleep when he said he heard something enter his room.

"My first thought was, 'What is a monkey doing in my bedroom this time of night?'" Jack said.

It wasn't a monkey but a thief trying to take the safe out of his room.

"And he says, 'Don't you move.' He said that to me probably about three times," Jack said.

The men moved the heavy safe to the driveway by dragging it on a small rug, the other they already had loaded, which is when Marla came home.

"It was either too heavy for 'em to get in the back of the truck or I surprised them and they didn't have enough time to get it in there, I don't know," Marla said.

Since the theft Jack emptied the bigger safe of all $200,000 in gold and silver coins and put them in a safe deposit box.

"Upsets me to think that they would take that," Jack said.

The stolen safe contained more gold and silver coins valued at $50,000 and was meant to be passed down to Jack's family when he died.
"I don't have a gun but I think I'll get one now," Jack said.

The Ross' believe their home was specifically targeted.

"We have a pretty good idea who it was," Marla said.

They also hope police can make arrests as quickly as they recovered Marla's car, which was picked up just down the street. As far as feeling safe in their own home, that, the Ross's said, may take some time.

"I'll recover but it'll be a slow process," Jack said.

Police did take fingerprints and say the case remains under investigation.