OROFINO, Idaho -

 A northern Idaho man has pleaded guilty to kidnapping and aggravated battery after taking a 6-year-old hostage last summer and holding a bread knife against him.

The Lewiston Tribune reports that 57-year-old Roger D. Ehler of Lewiston made the plea Tuesday in 2nd District Court Tuesday.

Authorities say that on July 14 Ehler stopped a minivan carrying two adult men and the child and demanded a ride to Orofino, grabbing the child.

On the way to Orofino, the minivan stopped when met by law enforcement officers and the men and child were released, and Ehler was arrested.

Ehler on Tuesday told Judge Michael J. Griffin he suffers from bipolar disorder and didn't mean to hurt anyone.

Ehler faces up to 20 years at his sentencing set for July 30.