Over time she slowly warmed up to Christenson and to her new feet. Over the past five years he has created six pairs of prosthetics for Kyra.

She's like family now, with her picture greeting guests as they check in for their appointments.

"She's just gaining confidence with me, we've got along really well. She loves to go into back and see what we make," Christenson said.

On this visit she's getting her summer feet, in her favorite color. The flat bottom makes it easier to play soccer, a game she loves.

She's fast and focused. Her sister Amanda is too.

"I can kick the ball far and I like kicking and I like basketball," she said.

She has the pictures to prove it, dribbling alongside everyone else on her team.

"That doesn't stop here," Deanna said. "If she wants to climb a tree, she'll climb a tree, and if she wants to ride a bike, she'll ride a bike and swim and play soccer and basketball. I don't see any limitations if Kyra wants to do it," Deanna said.

Kyra's now in the second grade and has a knack for math.

"One thing I can say about Kyra, she is very strong willed, on just pretty much everything, and so I think that is her spirit and her determination and her stubbornness and her strong will is actually probably what saved her," Deanna said.

And it's what will keep her living a full life full of cake and a lot more birthday candles.

"And we'll sing and embarrass her," Deanna said.

"She's just amazing," Don Christenson said.

Kyra and her sister have been in counseling to help in their recovery. Kyra will need one more surgery on top of her head to help repair the scalp. She lost quite a bit of hair due to the abuse.

The children are living with their grandparents, and have been with them since the day the abuse was discovered. The family wanted to thank everyone for their support over the last five years; Deanna Wine said our community has earned the right to know how Kyra and Amanda are doing because of the support these two remarkable girls have gotten over the years.