A man is warning people dressing as creepy clowns that Idaho has some very specific gun rules, so it's not the place to play these games.

Jerry Larson works hard to support his family and keep his two teenage daughters safe.

Larson says he received a message from Timberlake High School this week warning parents about the clown craze.

“Saying a girl was being chased by a clown around Spirit Lake,” said Larson.

He decided to remind these alleged creepy clowns that Idaho recently changed the rules when it comes to guns, legalizing non-permit conceal carry in July.

“So if these guys want to play jokes, I really wouldn't want to do it because you don't know who is packing,” said Larson.

He and his wife both carry guns, and Larson says if someone threatened his girls, well, let's just say they probably shouldn't.

“We're not crazy up here in Idaho, but we do protect each other,” said Larson.

Although the rules are different in other states, Larson says in general, it's time to cut it out.

“Get out of Idaho... get out of all the states... just stop it.”

Spirit Lake police say they will be upping patrols around the school for peace of mind, however they have not been able to verify any clown sightings.