ATHOL, Idaho -

Child Protective Services took an 8-year-old girl from her parents and animal control officers also seized more than 130 animals from a home near Athol, Idaho after they were found in filthy living conditions.

It's hard to imagine an 8-year-old girl playing in a front yard filled with rusted cars, garbage and even a dead chicken. However, inside the home turned out to be just as bad if not worse.

"Rotting food, moldy food laying on the ground, garbage strewn, animal feces throughout the house," said Lieutenant Stu Miller with the Kootenai County Sheriff's Office.

An anonymous tip led CPS to the home near Athol where they took the girl. Officers found her living with her parents and grandparents. They were living with no indoor plumbing, no electricity and no running water.

"When we contacted here she was reading a book on the floor playing with her dog," Miller said.

"She was happy out here she was healthy, she wasn't sick, she wasn't abused, so i don't know what," the girl's grandmother, Jean Denney, said.

They acknowledged the mess but said they use a wood stove for heat, head lamps for light and buy bottled water. They also denied the girl had lice and fleas.

"That's not true 'cause they took her to a doctor and had health professionals check her and there was nothing like that so its not fair," said Denney.

They did say they were working on the indoor plumbing, but in the meantime five gallon buckets were being used in place of toilets.

"Once they got full they would poor them in the hole where the toilet used to be," Miller said.

Officers also confiscated 139 animals living on the property, including 83 rabbits, 38 guinea pigs and nine goats. Officers said their cages looked like they hadn't been cleaned, ever.

"Even the goose couldn't extend it's neck all the way up because of the thickness of the feces that was in the cage," Miller said.

CPS said they are always accepting donations from anyone who wants to help. Items like school supplies and clothes can be dropped off at any CPS location and will go to any child taken from a home.