A fast moving brush fire ripped through a busy area of Coeur d'Alene on Saturday, burning multiple cars and nearly killing two pets.

The wind pushed the fire that started along Interstate 90 into the parking lots of the Shilo Inn Suites Hotel and Specialty Recreation and Marine on Appleway, destroying the cars and water crafts that were in its path.

Fire investigators say by the time they arrived on scene, four cars were already engulfed in flames.

Investigators say this fire was about 2 acres, and another fire across the highway burning at the same time, was about an acre.

Coeur d'Alene resident Barbara Bald arrived on scene of the fire before fire crews, and described the scary sight of cars and trees engulfed in flames.

Another man at the scene saw two dogs trapped in a car as it burned.

"I was scared," Bald said. "I thought there was a human in there, but dogs are bad there, so I got out of the car, he broke the window and he let the dogs out, and there were two of them. They ran two different directions. He caught one, I caught the other."

Barbara and the other Good Samaritan reunited the dogs with their owner, who was staying in the hotel.

Barbara said it was scary to witness a fire in the middle of town.

Firefighters say the cause is under investigation.

Fire officials say this is a reminder of how high fire danger is right now and that everyone needs to do their part to make sure they are cautious in these conditions