CATALDO, Idaho -

John Lippis, 67, of Spokane has been identified as the only person on board a single engine plane that went down near Beaver and River roads just outside of Cataldo Sunday night.

Larry Lewis is an investigator with the National Transportation Safety Board investigating the deadly crash.

"Right now we're just in the very preliminary stages of the investigation, so we don't have a lot of information," Lewis said. "We have been talking with some of the folks that may have seen the aircraft and witnesses it flying around."

Very little is known about what happened between the time Lippis departed Snoshone Airport Sunday afternoon and the crash. The owners of the property where the plane came down weren't home at the time. Instead nearby neighbors called 911, sparking a search and rescue effort that took hours.

Lewis says the area in which the plane crashed made it nearly impossible for Lippis to survive the crash.

"If you're in places where there is tall trees it just makes it tougher. It's just the totality of the circumstances surrounding what happens," Lewis said.

Now investigators are working as quickly as possible to provide answers for Lippis' family.

"We're going to start talking to some of the local folks, start talking to family members. We will take a look at the aircraft records if we can find them. We will take a look at the pilot records when we can find those and we will just start putting together a sketch of what we think occurred," Lewis explained. "We have taken a preliminary look at the aircraft itself and we're just right now taking notes and documenting positions and that kind of thing. We really have drawn any conclusions and we won't for some time."

The family living near the crash did not want to comment on the tragedy but said they will place a cross on their property in memory of Lippis.