Coeur d' Alene High School is the king of Idaho football. The team won the 5A title last weekend 31-28. It's the school's third title in four years, but this victory was different.

To celebrate, the school held an assembly on Tuesday. The student-athletes were introduced to a cheering crowd. The biggest chant, was saved for coach Shawn Amos.

"We love Amos," the crowd roared.

"It was something special," he said.

Usually, Shawn Amos likes to quietly stay behind the scenes while leading the state's most successful football team. But in the last month, he's had to do it while battling Hodgkin's Lymphoma.

"To finish (the season) off like this sure makes it a lot easier to deal with," Amos said.

His son Gunnar was the starting quarterback for the team. It's every young athlete's dream to make it to the state title game, just not the way Gunnar dreamt it. He broke his leg in the first round of state playoffs, and couldn't play anymore.

"We've had a lot go wrong in our lives in the last month, and then this is something that just couldn't be anymore right."

Both of the Amos' were on the sideline for the title game. Shawn was guiding the team, while Gunnar cheered leaning on crutches.

The Vikings needed a touchdown in the final minute of the game to beat #1 ranked Highland last Friday. It was a victory for the entire community.

"It's been amazing how these people rallied around us. We'll never forget it," Coach Amos said.

"It's awesome, you can be happy about this and kind of forget about the bad stuff," Gunnar Amos said.

Coach Amos will continue chemotherapy on Wednesday. He thinks winning one battle should help him win the next one.