Washed out road pits drivers against Bonner County

Published On: May 08 2012 07:14:04 PM PDT
bonner county road washout

A washed out road has homeowners and Bonner County in a stalemate. Bowen Arrow Road flooded about a month ago. The county is saying it can't fix it. Drivers are asking who will?

When Sand Creek flooded it took a chunk of road with it, forcing dozens of people to detour a half hour to get out of the area. For drivers like Tanya Bos, it put a big pinch on the wallet.

"Add $250 worth of gas extra every month," Bos said.

Eventually someone brought in sand and concrete so cars, one at a time, could cross. The neighborhood, north of Ponderay, needed help. Bonner County said their hands are tied.

"County cannot put money toward repairing that road. So that would be responsibility of homeowners or the developer or whoever has the authority over the road," said Bob Howard with Emergency Management.

Homeowners aren't sure they can afford that. Tyrel Remsburg, who has lived in the area for years, started fundraising. He's put out a few jars in Ponderay, but said it's not going well.

"I'm trying. I'm really trying it's not working," he said.

So far he's collected around 50 dollars; repairs could cost thousands of dollars.

During the flood, emergency management did make sure emergency services were ready to access the area if needed.

As for asking FEMA, Emergency Management said the flooding was not a federally declared disaster and therefore FEMA was not really involved in handling the flooding.

The Idaho Transportation Department did not return calls for comment on this story Tuesday.