"He's out here now because you're here," she says of that statue she won so many years ago. "Normally he's in the kitchen, holding up the cookbooks. Next to the fish tank!"

Even after 50 years, he still looks good. He's whole again, thanks to the Academy.

"I have no idea if they put the pieces back together again, but its analogous my own journey. I was very broken. And it took much longer than it did for Oscar to make me whole again. That's what symbol he is to me."

It's the symbol of an historic career and the reasons she's now hearing from fans around the world.

"You know what's funny? None of them seem like strangers. When they write, I try to twitter back."

Yep, the great Patty Duke is on Twitter. She reaches out now to 10,000 fans who adore her, 140 characters at a time.

"That makes me feel so good!"

Talk about a career, coming full circle. This year's winners can only hope to sustain such adulation five decades after taking Oscar home.

"They come from Australia, Austria - how do they even know I exist?" she asks.

Then, to Oscar, with whom she's been through so much, she says simply, "This could have something to do with it. You're a good guy."