Sound Off for September 6th: Do you plan to try pot once it's available in Washington?

SPOKANE, Wash. (AP) -- - Earlier this week, the state Liquor Control Board proposed there be a maximum of 334 locations that sell recreational marijuana in Washington.

The board also set a production cap of 40 metric tons of marijuana.

Board chairman Sharon Foster said that the rules help create a tightly-regulated system to produce, process and sell marijuana to the public for recreational use. Washington voters last year approved an initiative allowing such use.

The board also decided that no entity could have more than three licenses in each of the producer, processor and retail categories.

The number of retail stores will be allocated by population, with a limit on how many can be situated in each of the state's larger cities. Seattle would be allowed to have up to 21 stores.

Now that marijuana smoking will be legal, do you plan to try it?