Sound Off for September 19th: What are your thoughts on Spokane Valley's bikini barista stands?

Bikini barista stands have some people steamed in the City of Spokane Valley.

Protestors were outside Triple X Espresso this morning.  They're angry over what the business calls Topless Tuesdays and Thursdays.

The protestors are part of a group called Coalition for Community Values. They're not mad simply because these lingerie espresso shops exist, but because they claim they don't follow the rules that are already in place and expose families, especially young children to adult entertainment.

Prostestor Shelly Grant says, "It's absolutely wrong. it should be treated as adult entertainment and regulated that way."

But, Jessica Etchart with Triple X says "If you don't like it it is your choice to come here or not. We have our stand set back pretty far from the street with a 35 mile per hour road you can't see anything when you are driving by."

As far as regulations go, we contacted the City of Spokane Valley and this was their response: "We are sensitive to the concerns of citizens and to the issues involved. we are in the process of reviewing all the options available."

What are your thoughts on the bikini barista stands?  Would you like to see them regulated like strip clubs or do you think they're no big deal?