Sound Off for September 17th: Did school go too far confiscating PB&J sandwich?

A peanut butter and jelly sandwich has sparked an international outrage!

Jenkins Clifton-Jones was about to tear into his sandwich at his Viola, Arkansas school when a teacher grabbed it and wouldn't let him have it back.

The teacher cited a six year ban on anything peanut related on school property.

So, his mother took to Facebook, saying that while some students may be allergic, it's not fair to ban it for everyone.

Her post sparked such a passionate discussion, an entire page, "School Nut Ban Discussion", was dedicated to it.

Now people all over the world are posting.

The Viola School District superintendent has said the school's wellness committee will evaluate the policy.

Did the school go too far taking away the boy's lunch?

Or, given the severity of some people's allergies to peanuts, did they do the right thing?

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