Sound Off for September 12th: Do you feel safe in downtown Spokane?

Downtown safety

Spokane Police are investigating an early morning beating in downtown Spokane caught as it happened by a KXLY 4 cameraman.

The victim was knocked unconscious when he was sucker-punched by a street kid outside the Satellite Diner at Stevens and Sprague Avenue.

Back in June 2012, a bouncer and two cooks at Jimmy'z were beaten by a group of teens as they left for the night.

This latest attack illustrates the problem downtown is having with a groups of street kids that getting bolder and more violent as their acts go unpunished.

Part of the problem: victims don't like reporting that they've been bested by a group of kids, some of them not even old enough to drive.

And a few months ago, The Blue Spark, cited the street kid problem as its reason for shutting down.

City crews spent the morning cutting back trees outside The Olive Garden at Wall and Spokane Falls Boulevard.  It's a popular spot for people to loiter at.  The hope is that the lack of shade will force them to move on.

Right now, an ordinance that would give police more power to write citations to people caught loitering downtown is under review by the city.

This all begs the question, do you feel safe in downtown Spokane?  What would your solution be to making it better?