Sound Off for May 30th: Should minimum wage be boosted to $15.00 an hour?

Fast food workers are striking throughout Seattle protesting low wages.

The walkouts started last night at a Ballard Taco Bell and a Lake City Burger King, forcing the restaurants to close.

The workers say their wages are stagnant, averaging $9.50 an hour according to federal statistics.

They want a living wage of up to $15 an hour and opportunities to advance.

Cody Codden says, "Personally I'm on food stamps, my hours have been cut back," Burger King worker Andrew Thomas said. "Being here for a year and half. I haven't gotten a raise."

He has an associate's degree and wants to go back to school.

More walk-outs are planned throughout the day at Burger King, McDonald's, Subway, Arby's, and other national fast food chains across the city, said organizers who are calling the demand for workers' rights, "Strike Poverty and Raise Seattle."

What do you think?