Sound Off for May 28th: Should Oregon teen be charged as an adult in school plot?

A school friend is being credited with preventing the massacre allegedly planned by seventeen year-old Grant Acord at West Albany High School, 27 miles outside of Portland.

The identity of this "hero" is still unknown. but today, students were allowed back in school, while the classmate accused of trying to kill them was arraigned in court and charged as an adult.

More details on possible motives are coming to light--the mother of the accused teen says her son was struggling with a rare form of OCD and an associated neuro-psychiatric disorder called "PANDAS."

In a statement his mother said: "I grieve for my son, but understand and support the efforts of law enforcement to keep our beloved community safe."

Hidden under the floorboards of their house, police say they found pipe bombs, bombs made from drain cleaner, homemade napalm and molotov cocktails - six devices in all.

Investigators say they believe Acord modeled his attack after the Columbine school shootings, but allegedly planned an ambush designed to take even more lives.

Considering he may have mental health problems, do you think it was right to charge him as an adult?  Or do you feel that he was planning a very adult crime, so he needs to be charged as one?