Sound Off for May 24: Do you worry about bridge safety in our area?

WASHINGTON STATE - Governor Jay Inslee says it will cost $15 million to repair the Skagit River bridge.

The federal government has already promised the state $1 million in emergency dollars to fix the Interstate 5 bridge.

Inslee says he talked to U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood on Friday morning. LaHood is promising his full support to get Washington's main north-south roadway repaired as quickly as possible.

The Washington Transportation Department says traffic on Interstate 5 in Skagit County backed up Friday afternoon about a mile northbound and two miles southbound as cars crawled through detours around the collapsed Skagit River bridge in Mount Vernon.

Total in Spokane County, 53 bridges are classified as functionally obsolete and 21 are rated as structurally deficient.

Structurally deficient means a bridge requires repair or replacement of a certain component. Functionally obsolete means that the design of a bridge is not suitable for current use.

Do you worry about the safety of bridges in the Inland Northwest?

Do you think our government needs to be doing more to check on the safety of our bridges?

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