Sound Off for May 20th: Should cities map the most obese areas?

The city of Eau Claire, Wisconsin wants to fight obesity one neighborhood at a time.

City officials are thinking about a map that shows which areas are home to the fattest people.

It's a unique step that's never been done here before.

The data would be calculated using the body mass index.

County Health Department's Lieske Giese says, "By mapping we can get a sense of what neighborhoods in the community that might need some more attention."

Those areas could potentially see more walking trails, parks, or even a community garden.

But, it's not being met without some controversy.

One concern expressed by some community members is whether it's an overstep in privacy.

The city says it would create the map using insurance company data.

Your insurance company may have your B.M.I. on file.  

By law, it can share that information as long as other information that would identify the person is not released.

Do you like the idea?  Or does it seem like an invasion of privacy?