Sound Off for March 18th: Do you like the idea of employees being armed?

SPOKANE, Wash. - -

After the third robbery in a month Sunday night, the owner of Spokane's Jitterz Java on Northwest Boulevard has had enough and says the next person to try may end up face to face with a gun.

Sara Chapel says some of her employees are already bringing their own guns to work, no matter what shift they are working.

But after Sunday, they were will always be a gun at the coffee stand.In the most recent burglary, a man aggressively tried to open a window at the stand and appeared to have a gun.

The barista kept the window locked, grabbed her gun and called police.

The man took off before police arrived.

"It is just a little aggravating, you know, people are just out for themselves these days," said Chapel. "It's just sad to put other people in harms way to just get a few hundred dollars."

Do you like the idea of employees being armed?