Sound Off for June 23rd: What are your thoughts on Daiquiri Factory eviction?

SPOKANE, Wash.--- - The Spokane County Sheriff's Office has moved forward with the eviction of the Spokane Downtown Daiquiri Factory from its Wall Street location Monday morning.

Deputies, along with a locksmith, had difficulty getting into the premises, trying two different doors before finally getting in through a patio door. During the eviction, deputies posted a sign on the front door, addressed to Jamie's LLC – Daiquiri Factory owner Jamie Pendleton – that the business was evicted from the building and "You no longer have the right to enter this dwelling or go onto this property. If you do, you will be charged with criminal trespass, first or second degree."

Todd Reuter, the attorney for FPA Crescent, the company that owns the property, said Monday morning that Pendleton had asked his items be placed in storage. Reuter added that his client has the option to pursue more than $50,000 in claims against Pendleton.

Deb Green, the owner of Madeleine's, which is separated from the Daiquiri Factory by a wood partition, said she was sad that employees of the bar were losing their jobs as a result of the eviction, but added the bar itself was a nuisance.

What are your thoughts?