Sound Off for July 19th: Would you like Camp Easton in Coeur d'Alene to stay put?

A judge says he will reconsider his earlier ruling allowing a land deal involving a historic Boy Scout campsite along Lake Coeur d'Alene to go ahead.

District Judge John Luster said after a hearing Wednesday that he will consider new points raised by representatives of Camp Easton Forever Inc. and the Inland Council of Boy Scouts.

Camp Easton Forever sued the Boy Scout council over the council's plans to trade the 80-year-old camp to a luxury developer for a new camp at Sunup Bay.

The nonprofit group argued Camp Easton is part of a charitable trust and the judge improperly based his May 21 ruling on a law that should not have been considered.

It is not clear when Luster will rule.

Would you like to see the judge reverse his ruling and leave Camp Easton alone?

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