Sound Off for July 19th: What are your thoughts on drones patrolling Spokane?

Drones have become a hot topic across the United States and now here in Spokane.

Spokane City Council Member Ben Stuckart has proposed an ordinance that would require the people of Spokane be notified when drones are used within city limits.

The issue will be discussed on July 29th at the city council meeting.

The ordinance would require entities using drones to have a plan and justification for their use as well as community outreach and approval from city council, Stuckart said.

"After all of the controversy surrounding drones and surveillance I thought it best to be proactive as a community to address this issue."

The ordinance will ensure that the public is aware prior to drones being deployed and that there is a proper community dialogue and approval process in place.

Are you happy with this proposed ordinance?  Do you have a problem with drones flying over Spokane or would you feel safe if they were being used to patrol?