Sound Off for January 17th: Should off duty cops be allowed to carry weapons at CenturyLink Field?

CenturyLink field in Seattle is telling off-duty police officers attending Seahawks games and other events at the stadium to leave their guns at home.

The management says CenturyLink Field is safe because of an abundance of uniformed officers at events, but the new policy isn't sitting well with officers.

Officer Erik Wickman is a member of the State Fraternal Order of Police.  He's concerned there wasn't a discussion before the policy was made.

Police say many officers work in units that require them to be armed at all times and the FOP is still hoping to have a conversation with management.

The President of the Seattle Police Officers' Guild says the policy is "misguided" and "insulting."

How do you feel about it?  Should off duty police officers be allowed to carry or do you agree with CenturyLink management?

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