Sound Off for February 5th: Would a toll on I-90 change how often you drive to Seattle?

The Washington Department of Transportation is pushing a plan to put a toll on Interstate 90 between Bellevue and Seattle.

The money raised would be put toward the new 520 floating bridge being built to the North across Lake Washington.

More than a 100 people attended a public meeting about the issue last week.

Many people fear it could cause a great divide between the two communities, but it will also affect anyone driving from the east side of the state to Seattle.

The tolls have not been set or approved yet, but using the 520 bridge tolls as a model, it would cost a daily commuter $3.59 to cross the bridge during peak toll times, or $900 per year.

Would you be willing to pay a toll to get into Seattle?  Would it change how often you head over the Cascades? 

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