Sound Off for December 6th: What are your thoughts on the custody battle playing out in Utah?

A bitter custody fight is playing out in Utah.

A baby girl is caught between the family who adopted her and the father who never knew she even existed

Terry Achane, the baby's father and a staff sergeant in the Army, says he never knew he had a daughter two years ago, when he was stationed in South Carolina.

His ex-wife.delivered a baby girl in Utah and gave her up for adoption, without his consent.

Achane says his former wife gave the adoption agency a bad address, so they couldn't contact him.

His daughter was adopted by Jared and Kristi Frei and they are the only family the 2-year-old has known since birth.

The agency reportedly told the Frei's there could be problems with the adoption.

A judge has ordered the Frei's to return the child to Achane within 2 months.

Their attorney told ABC news, they believe the district court made some fundamental errors in its decision and they will raise those with the appropriate appellate court.

Achane plans to keep fighting, as well, saying he will do what it takes to keep his daughter.

Do you agree with the decision to return the baby girl to her biological father?  Or do you feel it's irresponsible to take the girl away from the only family she's ever known?

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