Sound Off for December 13th: Do you have a problem with the city putting porta potties near homeless camp?

The city of Spokane is placing six portable toilets under an elevated section of Interstate 90 where homeless people congregate.

City Council President Ben Stuckart says it's a response to complaints about human waste outside businesses in the downtown area.

During a KXLY investigation, we discovered the homeless were doing their business up against a wall next the U-Haul rental business at 3rd & Division.

So who's paying for the porta potties?

The city is using money it collects from parking fees and would normally go toward maintenance in that area.

But Stuckart says he opposes a proposal from homeless advocate Ralph Harvey to create a regulated tent city where people could camp under the freeway.

He says tent cities attract the "wrong element."

Do you have a problem with the city giving the homeless six porta potties to use?

Do you feel it's the only way to combat the cleanliness issue or do you think it only encourages the homeless to hang around?