Sound Off for August 21st: Are you concerned about public education in Washington?

Spokane Public Schools has sent a letter to parents of children who are what have been dubbed "improvement" schools.

The school district says just because you got this letter doesn't mean your child's school is any worse off than it was several years ago. 

They actually say they've made significant improvements over the last few years.

School districts across the state were required to send it if they had schools that did not meet adequate yearly progress and Meet No Child Left Behind standards.

Dr. Lorna Spear in Spokane says since No Child Left Behind standards were adopted in 2001, the school district has made progress but says a 100-percent pass rate for state tests is unrealistic,  "Some of the schools have actually shown a lot of growth over this same time, but they haven't shown that 100-percent of students meeting standards."

The letter goes on to state that children can be moved elsewhere in the district.

Are you concerned?  Would you consider moving schools?