Sound Off for August 16th: Should convicted killer Clay Starbuck be allowed to see his children?

Clay Starbuck, the Deer Park man convicted of killing his wife, is petitioning to have contact with his children.

Judge Sypolt ruled during sentencing Starbuck could not have contact with his children, so today Starbuck's defense asked the judge to reconsider.

Starbuck's defense argues the no contact ruling doesn't adequately address the needs of the children.  Those children were in the courtroom today.  They have repeatedly expressed their desire to see their father.

But the prosecution says Starbuck has violated his trust as a parent and should not be allowed contact with his kids.

Today, Judge Sypolt said Starbuck used his children as pawns in his alibi and worries about future behavior and upheld his original ruling.

Starbuck was convicted of killing his ex-wife Chanin in her home back in 2011 and placing her body in a sexually suggestive position.

Do you feel he should be able to see his children or do you agree with the prosecution?