Sound Off for April 10th: What is the best solution for dealing with dog breeds often considered dangerous?

Spokane Police say they were forced to shoot and kill a pit bull in North Spokane last night.

According to SCRAPS, the dog became aggressive, bit the owner and four other people before police had to shoot it.

It's the third pit bull attack in the last week in Spokane.

A week ago, two pit bulls bit and severely wounded an 8 year old girl and the two neighbors who came to her rescue.

Those dogs have been deemed dangerous by SCRAPS and one of them will be put down. The owner will face criminal charges.

And on Monday, a Spokane County Sheriff's deputy was forced to shoot and kill a pit bull that attacked K-9 Laslo as they chased two domestic violence suspects in Spokane Valley. Laslo required six staples to patch up his back leg.

In light of these recent attacks on humans and other animals, do you feel Spokane needs to crackdown on breeds commonly considered dangerous? What do you feel is the best solution to prevent these kinds of situations?