Sound Off 2/7: Paid Vacation for Part Time Workers

A new bill introduced in the State House of Representatives would require employers to offer paid vacation to those working at least 20 hours per week.

House Bill 2238, is sponsored by 12 State Representatives including local Rep. Timm Ormsby. The bill would apply to businesses with more than 25 employees, and workers must be employed for six months before qualifying for paid time off.  

Those for the bill say that everyone needs a break from work and employees should be able to ask for time off without fear of losing their job, and that worker longevity will increase if employees have time to recuperate.

Those opposed to the bill argue that the bill burdens employers and that it would have a negative impact on salary, wages and other benefits that might be of more importance to employees.

The bill is still being considered in the House Labor and Workforce Development Committee.

What do you think? Should businesses be required to provide paid vacation for part time employees? Or does it an unnecessary burden on employers?