• 3-day cease-fire announced in Mideast conflict

    Israeli airstrike in Gaza van hit

    REUTERS/Mohammed Salem

    After weeks of fighting and hundreds of deaths, some semblance of peace may be coming to the Middle East -- at least temporarily.

    U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and U.S. Secretary of State John…

    By Mariano Castillo, Greg Botelho and Karl Penhaul CNN
  • GOP dysfunction delays House's August recess

    House of Representatives, Capitol

    Burke Buckhorn/CNN

    On what was supposed to be the last day before summer recess, dysfunction reigned in Congress.

    House Republican leaders called off a vote Thursday on their $659 million emergency response to the…

  • Grieving parents drowning in student loan debt get relief

    Lisa and Darnelle Mason

    Courtesy Mason Family

    Steve Mason and his wife Darnelle have been struggling to pay their daughter's six-figure student loan debt ever since she passed away five years ago -- and now they are starting to get some much…

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