• Israel: Ball 'is in 'Hamas' court'

    Shujaiya neighborhood, Gaza

    Palestinian Information Center

    Hamas made it clear Tuesday that a cease-fire with Israel may be more remote than ever.

    On Hamas-run television, Mohammed Deif, chief of the group's military wing, said that "there is no middle ground…

    By Josh Levs, Ashley Fantz, Jethro Mullen and Karl Penhaul CNN
  • Obama announces new sanctions against Russia


    Kevin Lamarque/Reuters

    New, stepped-up U.S. sanctions against Russia as tensions continue in Ukraine will ratchet up pressure against the country, U.S. President Barack Obama said Tuesday.

  • WH: Major costs to delaying climate change policy

    Pollution, smoke stacks


    If lawmakers delay taking action now on climate change it could cost taxpayers exponentially more in the future to deal with the effects of a warming planet, the White House is warning Tuesday.

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