• Foley's final months: Failed rescue, e-mails

    James Foley CNN

    An outrageous ransom demand. A failed rescue attempt. A taunting e-mail.

    These were the details emerging about the final months of the life of American journalist James Foley, whose execution at the…

    By Chelsea J. Carter, Barbara Starr and Ashley Fantz CNN
  • Who's doing what to fight ISIS

    ISIS supporter with flag


    Talk is tough against ISIS, the Sunni jihadists rampaging through Syria and northern Iraq, following the group's release of a video showing the beheading American journalist James Foley.

  • 'Obama third term' label could hurt Clinton

    Hillary Clinton 2008

    Jim Young /Reuters

    Very few confidants and former aides were frenzied when Hillary Clinton came under fire for questions about her age, health and wealth.

    Their view, for the most part, was Clinton is obviously healthy…

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