Musician's key instruments stolen before gig

SPOKANE, Wash. - Thieves stole key equipment from a local musician while he was getting ready to play a show in downtown Spokane.

Daniel Mills first picked up a guitar at just 8 years old. Over the years he's accumulated quite the collection. But Friday night thieves got away with some of his important gear.

Mills said he was getting ready to play a gig at Nectar Tasting Room for First Friday.

Musicians key instruments stolen

"Usually it takes six or seven trips for me to get everything in there," Mills said.

After dropping off the amps, Mills came out to find $1,300 worth of effect equipment gone.

"Being that this is my living, those are tools for me. It's not just like a hobby if a construction worker loses his tools, you know he can't build a house. For me, I need that stuff so I can play shows," said Mills.

On Tuesday, Mills got to work to try to track down his stolen equipment. He called almost 40 pawn shows and found most of his gear was taken to the Double Eagle Pawn Shop in Spokane.

"In the meantime, I am going to have to buy new gear. The guy at the pawn shop said it could be a month or it could be six months. So I am going to have to get some new stuff," said Mills.

Mills said the Double Eagle has a name and picture of the person who sold the gear to them. They will pass the information along to police to catch the thief.

Mills said the fact he won't have the instruments for awhile won't keep him from stop playing, but he is trying to fundraise to help get new equipment. You can purchase one of his songs by clicking here. All proceeds will go towards equipment purchases.