Zombies -- and apple fritters -- descending upon Spokane

SPOKANE, Wash. - Zombie donuts vo

Zombies are coming to Spokane, but they aren't interested in feasting on human flesh. They're looking for apple fritters and maple bars.

There's nothing quite like it in town. Dawn of the Donut is Spokane's first -- and only -- zombie-themed donut shop, the only drive-up donut shop in Spokane and the only place where you can get a vegan donut.

Opening any business right now is definitely a risk, but this place just might be an instant hit. Owner Marty Judnic and his wife have a passion for the living dead and its reflected in their unique product line.

"Huge, huge zombie fans, love all the movies, all the shows, huge inspiration," Judnic said.

Of course, the unique donut shop has some pretty unique donuts.

"Brains apple fritter looks just like a brain, tastes fantastic, though we have a lot of cereal toppings, M & M's, fun things like that," Judnic said.

After checking out Dawn of the Donut, it's safe to say this unique business is being received well during their soft, or practice, open.

"The community has been outstanding for us, particularly online, everybody is liking us, following us, even before we are open people have been walking in the door asking if we are open and what's going on, so the response has been really, really great," Judnic said.

Judnic and his crew will officially open the store this Friday at 6 a.m., and they're confident that Spokane donut and zombie fans alike will keep the doors at their store, located near the intersection of North Division and Courtland, open for years to come.

"What goes better? Zombies and donuts. Two great things that we really love and have a passion for so put them together. Great zombie themed donut shop," Judnic said.