Washington minimum wage remains highest in nation

SPOKANE, Wash. - Minimum wage vo

Thousands of Washington workers got a raise Wednesday as the state minimum wage bumped up to $9.32 an hour, up from $9.19.

The federal minimum wage is $7.25 an hour; Vermont has the third highest minimum wage in the country at $8.73 per hour, Oregon's minimum wage jumped up 15 cents to $9.10 Wednesday, but Washington, with the 13 cent bump, still has the highest minimum wage in the nation.

Minimun wage workers in Washington will now be bringing in about $5 more a week which, over the course of a year, is about $270.

Sianna Wood is a barista at Deb's Espresso and is excited to have a little more cash in her pocket. She's a mom and knows things add up quickly so it'll be nice to have a bigger paycheck.

"Just a little bit helps, and I have an 18-month daughter and kids are not cheap so I am really excited," Wood said.

On the other hand, businesses have to figure out how to handle the increased cost. Deb Weisgerber, owner of Deb's Espresso, says the minimum wage increase is going to cost the business an extra $2,000 a year.

"Even though minimum wage is going up, we are not going to raise our prices, we still pride ourselves with having the lowest prices in town," she said.

In the future, if minimum wage increases significantly, they would be forced to raise their prices, but for now, they're keeping them the same.

Since 1999, Washington's minimum wage has gone up every year.