Tips to stay secure after Target's data breach

Tips to stay secure after Target's data breach

Retail giant Target now admits hackers stole debit card PIN numbers during its massive security breach. So what does this mean for Target customers? 

If you are one of the 40 million Americans who shopped at Target between November 27th and December 15th, you need to be vigilant. Check your accounts closely and if you see any suspicious charges, contact your bank immediately.

Shaunda Holbrook shops at Target a couple of times a week. During the massive security breach, Holbrook says she shopped at the retailer at least 20 times but after hearing of the breach, she took action.

"I was proactive and we got our account information, we got new cards, new PIN numbers. It's kind of in the name of the game when using electronic transfer funds," Holbrook said.

On Friday Target admitted that debit card pins numbers were stolen during the security breach. The news comes just one day after the company said pin numbers were not compromised.

But the retailer says your info remains "safe and secure," saying "the PIN information was fully encrypted at the keypad, and remained encrypted when it was removed from our systems."

"Once they unencrypt that data, that means that everybodies credit card accounts and bank accounts are potentially vulnerable to being used, to be hacked by these individuals," Crime Analyst Rod Wheeler said.

If you shopped at Target during the breach and are concerned, change your PIN number and call your bank to get a new card. It's what Holbrook did.

"It was really easy," she said.

Despite the recent hacking, Holbrook says it won't stop her from pushing the signature red Target cart.

"I don't think it's Target's fault it can happen to anyone. I'll still keep shopping here," Holbrook said.

If you bank at STCU and shopped at Target during the breach, the bank says you should feel confident using your debit card. STCU says fraud monitoring is in place checking accounts.

The bank is in the process of replacing debit cards over time, but if you are concerned, you can contact STCU and get a new card right away.