Gem State gun sales spike

Consumers also buying record amount of ammunition

COEUR D'ALENE, Idaho - Over in the Gem State, gun sales are on the rise, with gun retailers seeing their best sales in years and many companies filled with backlogged orders or sold out of some model lines altogether.

At Northwest Pony Express you can get everything from vintage guitars to guns, but the store recently sold out of semiautomatic rifles and saw a keen interest in self defense firearms.

"The pipeline is just not set up to supply that quickly for the demand," Joe Ellithorpe at Northwest Pony Express said.

Gem state gun sales vo

Overall the store has seen a 10 to 15-percent spike from November in gun sales. Ellithorpe said gun sales went up ever since President Obama was re-elected and people became more worried about gun rights. The recent shootings in Oregon and Connecticut also influenced this spike.

At October Country Muzzleloading, the holidays and hunting season helped sales, in line with how the gun industry did on Black Friday.

"They sold more guns in that one day than in any other day in history," John Maciocek at October Country Muzzleloading said.

It seems ever since the president's introduction of a task force to help what he calls an epidemic of gun violence, some people are worried about gun access and tighter restrictions.

"We hear people being concerned about if they can get one, will there be enough available, will they put a ban on them, some type of legal maneuver," Ellithorpe said.

Stores have to run back ground checks before selling firearms. So many people have been buying guns, the system, maintained by the FBI, has been backlogged. At times Northwest Pony Express had to wait a half hour before getting the green light to sell a firearm. Usually you just dial in and get an operator.

Store owners think this will all calm down soon, but are already looking to the future, as the nation debates what they think will make America safer.