Boeing tax breaks will affect local economy

SPOKANE, Wash. - Boeing tax breaks will affect local economy

Washington lawmakers want Boeing to keep building jets in the state and on Saturday afternoon the legislature extended tax breaks for the aerospace company to accomplish that.

Even though Boeing's plant is located on the west side of the state, many of the parts are made right here in the Inland Northwest.

"A lot of people don't know that we are a major supplier to Boeing," Mike Schelstrate with Triumph Composite Systems.

Triumph is based in Airway Heights and employs 600 people. The company manufactures floor panels and sells the parts to Boeing, which accounts for 90% of their business.

Triumph is one of about 100 aerospace related companies in our region. There are roughly 600-700 aerospace companies in the state and many of them rely on Boeing for business.

"Some of them have told me if Boeing goes away, they go away too because that's a majority of their business," State Representative Kevin Parker said.

That is why Governor Jay Inslee called for a special session to vote on tax breaks that would save the company billions.

"Well, let's be - this is very clear. If we do not act, inaction is what would cost the state of Washington state billions of dollars and somewhere in excess of 50 thousand jobs," Inslee said.

But good news came on Saturday as Washington lawmakers voted to extend Boeing tax incentives. The tax break is worth $9 billion and would ensure Boeing keeps production of the 777X in our state.

"This is one of those ways we can allow the aerospace industry to continue to move forward," Parker said.