Are you ready for Cyber Monday?

SPOKANE - Big retail chains as well as local businesses are gearing up for Cyber Monday, but experts are warning shoppers against criminals who want to steal your identity.

Banking experts say there could be a 43% surge in attempted fraud this season. Most thieves are turning to the online market after chipped cards made it more difficult to steal someone's identity at the store.

Huppin's in North Spokane has a wide array of items on sale this weekend. Those deals began Black Friday and run through Cyber Monday. Huppin's saying the online market is a big one for their business.

"We do a huge amount of business through our own website, which has been in existence for well over 20 years," said Henry who used to work as a general manager, but now comes back to work for the holidays.

And the store's deals don't only run online.

"The great news is, for our customers, they can come in our store and get the deals, they can go on the website if they want the convenience of us being able to send it to them, or they can even call us," Henry said.

Huppin's is trying to prove that it's not just major retailers like Amazon and Target competing for your business during the holiday shopping season. But, those retailers are also putting out big deals to grab your attention.

Amazon promises big savings on 4K TV's, laptops and Amazon devices. But, before you hop online, the National Retail Federation says more fraudsters will be lurking on the web this year.

"Because of the chip cards now, it's a lot more difficult for retail criminals to do in-store fraud, so they're taking it online," said Bob Moraca with the National Retail Federation.

So what can you do to keep your identity safe? First, use stronger passwords that are unique to each retailer. Second, try to avoid shopping over public wifi. Finally, consider using credit cards instead of debit cards.

A lot of retailers will be eager to see how sales end up after this weekend. It could prove to be a big boost for sale over the rest of the year.

"A lot of times if we have a really good Black Friday weekend, our entire season is good as well," Henry said.