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  • Alfa Romeo returns to America... at last

    Alfa Romeo 2014


    Following a nearly 20 year absence Alfa Romeo is returning to the United States market with the 4C, an exotic-looking two-seat sports car that made its American debut at the New York Auto…

    By Peter Valdes-Dapena
  • Wealthy investors flock to fine art funds

    New York Stock Exchange trading

    Mark Blinch/Reuters

    Wealthy investors looking to diversify beyond stocks and bonds are now turning to an unusual money-making vehicle -- the art investment fund.

  • Your Internet security relies on a few volunteers

    Hands on keyboard

    William Armsby/CNN

    Last week's Heartbleed Internet bug revealed a startling fact. The software protecting banks, email, social media and government is maintained by only a few people. They're all volunteers. And only…

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