#MeToo campaign spreads across social media raising awareness

#MeToo campaign spreads across social...

SPOKANE, Wash. - As millions post #MeToo on their social media pages the extent of the sexual assault problem is brought into saddening light. For many the step to write those two words is a big one. 

"There is just that huge fear of not being believed," said Emily Morgan, a legal advocate for domestic violence victims at Spokane's YWCA, who has also posted her own #metoo experience, "Right before you hit send you have that moment of do I really want to share this about myself?"

The campaign is aimed at breaking the silence sexual assault victims can be forced into. 

"We don't really talk about sexual assault or domestic violence at all," said Morgan. "Its kind of taboo, and that has made it so people who have gone through it feel like they can't share their story because you aren't supposed to talk about it."

She says the movement has given individuals, women and men the freedom and empowerment to say "me too". She says its a big step for individuals to deal with their experiences and move forward. But even as millions do, including celebrities like Reese Witherspoon and Mckayla Maroney, many aren't. 

"Its important to not that a lot of people who haven't posted, may still be victims of sexual assault. They don't owe anyone their story," she said. "It can be a really empowering experience, but I think its important to know that some people aren't ready to with it and that is ok too."

She says for people in the region who may be experiencing sexual assault or need help, there are resources for them. Lutheran Community Services and the YWCA in Spokane offer 24 hour crisis hotlines and have many other resources dedicated to helping victims of sexual assault.