Metaline Falls residents frustrated as Noisy Creek Fire continues to burn

Metaline Falls residents frustrated...

METALINE FALLS, Wash. - Metaline Falls residents voiced anger and frustration Tuesday night at a town hall meeting as the Noisy Creek Fire continues to burn nearby. 

Residents in the area are worried and calling for more to be done to stop the slow march of flames. 

"You guys have your little game you want to play and use our tax payer dollars," said one upset attendee. "Go put out the fires, just put the damn thing out."

Some areas are now under Level Two evacuations with no containment of the fire in sight.

Mayor Tara Leininger was quick to defend the firefighters who have been battling the blaze for weeks.

"Bow your heads," Mayor Leininger said. "You thank God that there are men and women willing to put their lives on the line to do the best job that they can."

Several residents are upset about how long it's taken crews to put out the fire which has been burning in the hills since mid-July. The terrain is proving to be difficult and dangerous for fire crews.

That steep ground has trees falling and rolling down the hill, adding even more danger to crews and making progress slow. Officials want people to understand they are working as hard as they can. 

"I wasn't so sure before this meeting," said homeowner Bear Holter. "But now that I've come here and listened to their presentation, I feel more confident in the firefighting."

Patience is what firefighters are asking for. They're working around the clock to protect forest and property. Many people are now under Level One fire evacuations, including campers at the West Sullivan campground. 

Those campers are packing up but the fire crews are there to stay until it's all over. 

Even now, almost one month into this fire, it could be awhile.