Meet Spokane's own Harvey and Irma

Meet Spokane's own Harvey and Irma

SPOKANE, Wash. - While Hurricane Harvey wreaked havoc in Texas and Hurricane Irma threatens Florida another Harvey and Irma, closer to home, spread nothing but love. In fact this pair shares the same last name and have for 75 years. 

When they first heard the news, they thought their daughter was playing a joke on them. 

"Oh, yeah, sure, and she looked at me and said, 'Mom, I'm telling you the truth.' Oh, I'm sorry," said Irma Schluter.

Because how could two deviating hurricanes be named after two very sweet people, 92-year-old Irma Schluter and 104-year-old Harvey Schluter. 

"I remember the first airplane I saw," said Irma. "So, we all jumped up and went and looked at the airplane." .

The couple met in Spokane many, many, years ago. Turns out their siblings knew each other.

"And I opened the door and I saw a soldier and I shut the door because I didn't know who it was," said Irma Schluter.

That soldier was Harvey. Irma would eventually open her heart to Harvey and the two married in 1942. Harvey opened a barber shop in town, in Hillyard.

"I think he's pretty special right now," said Irma.

They raised three kids which turned into a handful of grand-kids, however, they've helped raise more than 100 foster children. 

"A lot of patience," said Harvey. "Yeah, that's the whole thing," said Irma.

As for sharing names with two devastating storms they're not sure what to think. It's hard for them to even watch the coverage. 

"It's so sad and I don't like that. It bothers me," said Irma.

In 75 years of marriage, they've learned at least one thing. 

"Each one's gotta have love. That's what holds you together," said Harvey.

That and faith says Irma. Two things that were here before and will be here after the other Harvey and Irma pass into history. 

Side note: Irma has a birthday coming up, she'll be 93 in November.