Mead School District Asks For Multi-Million Dollar Vote

MEAD, Wash. - The Mead School District is asking voters to pass a multi-million dollar bond that would modernize three of its schools and pay for facility upgrades.

"It costs the school a lot more to run the buildings at 30 years old," said Citizens Advisory Committee Chairman Ned Wendle at an informational meeting Tuesday night.

"If you stop spending money on your house it'll eventually fall apart and I think that's where we're at now," explained Wendle about the importance of the proposed bond passing.

Midway Elementary School is three decades old and in need of major upgrades. Voters will decide if Midway along with Shiloh Hills Elementary and North Wood Middle School will get renovations.

The District needs taxpayers to pass the $49 million dollar bond. If that happens the state will pay out $31.8 million dollars towards the $80.8 million dollar project.

A handful of community members showed up to Midway on Tuesday night to learn more about the bond from the school district.

"Midway is going to benefit from the bond and our school is 30 years old and it needs to be modernized, and so I'd really like the bond to pass," said Becky Baldwin who will have two kids in the school district next year.

If the bond passes, homeowners will continue to pay $2.20 cents per thousand of assessed value. The school district says taxes won't go up.

"We aren't raising taxes on people. This is a new tax, there's no doubt about that but it's a replacement. It's not something that's going to burden someone," said Wendle.

However, one group calling itself "Citizens for Responsible Taxation" is fighting against the bond telling voters to say "no" next month. KXLY4 News tried to reach the group for a comment on this story but was unsuccessful.

With voters deciding on the future of three schools in two weeks, one parent wants to remind taxpayers that it is about the kids.

"The kids are our future and the huge thing is technology, so they can learn and be current with what's going on. The money would be great for that," said Kelly Lafferty, a bond supporter.

Mead School District voters will vote on the Facilities Improvement Bond on February 8.