• Lynch to face anti-Obama ire at hearing

    Loretta Lynch


    Attorney General nominee Loretta Lynch is a career prosecutor who spent her career notching high-profile courtroom victories and climbing to the top of the legal ranks of Brooklyn's U.S. attorney's…

    By Eric Bradner CNN
  • Spokane Valley hears public comment on marijuana moratorium

    Spokane Valley City Council voted in a moratorium on new medical marijuana dispensaries back in December, calling it a public health emergency. On Tuesday night, residents voiced their opinion…

  • Letter: Pot shops off limits to military members

    Dozens of recreational marijuana businesses in Washington state have received letters from the military telling them that their shops are off limits to all members of the armed forces.

  • Pot shop uses billboard to attract business

    Take a drive on North Division Street in Spokane and you'll find a flurry of signs: automotive, beer, the newest burger. Now there's something new: billboards that advertise legal marijuana.

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